MODERN bathrooms

Bathroom Refurbishments
in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the Surrounding Areas

Ahh… the place where you want to relax in an ocean of bubbles whilst flickering candles create dancing shadows on the luxurious tiles. Where the jet of the power shower revives your aching muscles, and the spa-like atmosphere makes you feel pampered and refreshed. 

No? Not even a little bit? 

Like your outdated kitchen, do you dash in and out of the bathroom because it’s too dreary and cold? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have those bath time moments in comfort and bliss? Well, we can do that for you. 

At Kyss Construction Ltd, our aim is to make your Tonbridge or Sevenoaks home a haven of comfort, style and practicality. Our builders are renowned for their space-saving solutions and innovative thinking, thanks to their many years working in the areas of renovations and refurbishments.

New and Luxurious Bathrooms

With access to stylish fittings at trade prices, we can save you money as well as install a bathroom that wouldn’t look out of place in an interior design magazine.

All refurbishments include the following as standard, and the relevant works will be completed with the correct documentation:

  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Design and Planning
  • Electrical Services
  • Floors and Ceilings
  • Gas Engineering and Heating
  • Lighting Redesign
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Plastering and Tiling
  • Plumbing Services
  • Removal of Old Installations
  • Shower Installation
  • Space Creation
  • Storage Solutions
  • Supply and Fit of New Suite
  • Windows and Doors

Our electrical, gas engineering, heating, window and door installation services are carried out by our sub-contractors.

Reasons you may be considering our refurbishment services in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks or the surrounding areas in West Kent are listed below:

  • You’ve just purchased a new home that requires some updating to suit modern styles and building regulations
  • Mould is appearing on the walls or the timbers are beginning to show signs of rotting
  • The colour scheme is so out-dated you’re ashamed to have visitors at your home
  • There is little or no storage in the existing bathroom
  • The taps are constantly leaking and the sealants are beginning to fail and weep
  • The existing lighting isn’t sufficient and the room is far too dark and dreary
  • Your family is growing so more facilities are required, such as twin sinks and a separate shower cubicle
  • The impractical layout urgently requires updating
  • Your shower is still a hose connected to the bath taps

Whatever vision you have for a new bathroom, we’ll make it happen. As part of our renovations and home improvement services, Kyss Construction’s builders can also plan and install en-suite facilities and cloakrooms. 

It’s our job to make your home work for you. 

We may not be able to make you look younger, but we can certainly try to make you feel younger and more revitalised with our range of bathroom suites and stylish fittings. Once we’ve finished our refurbishments, you’ll never be ashamed of your interior again. And that’s for each room within your Tonbridge or Sevenoaks home, not just the bathroom. 

For more information about each of our services, or to arrange an appointment with our time-served and highly knowledgeable team, please contact us on the numbers listed below.

Contact us on 01732 834606 or 07899 793637 and enquire about our bathroom refurbishments in Tonbridge and Sevenoaks today.


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